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Melbourne Based TRUE LIVE like their name, represent a truly live and unique musical experience, both on record and in their acclaimed live performances. Bringing together some of Melbourne’s seminal groove jazz, classical and Hip Hop performers the 6 piece ensemble create music that draws on the sounds and performance ideals of Hip Hop, Jungle, Jazz and Western Art Music underpinned by solid songwriting. A line up consisting of a 3 piece string section (Cello Violin Double Bass), Drum Kit, Keyboards, and Vocals True Live create an original contemporary organic sound that could only be described as Monstrous.

Led by singer/rapper songwriter producer Ryan-John, (RHyNO) who after years of searching has found himself somewhere between songwriting, beats, orchestras and Jazz, TRUE LIVE do more than simply cross reference contemporary styles, they perform well written and arranged songs that engage audiences with moments of beauty, intensity, musical and lyrical depth. TRUE LIVE take hip hop away from ego driven naivety, and imitative ghetto thugery, to a new musical place that can be appreciated by audiences of all types.

The groups personnel list incorporates some of the best musicians Melbourne has to offer, all members are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts and have developed careers around their respective talents.
Visit the gallery to view each musician’s bio.

After forming in 2003 TRUE LIVE has played to packed houses at most of Melbourne’s notable Live Venues, performed as part of the Merideth and Livid Music Festivals, Beat Christmas Party, and Stkilda Festival (headline in 2005)been described by Radio Presenters – Melbourne’s PBS and RRR – as ‘The best live band in the city [Melbourne]’ and ‘the best live Hip Hop band in the world.’ revued for their performance at the 2003 Livid Festival in MX stating ‘Melbourne band TRUE LIVE put international rockers to shame on the tiny outdoor PBS stage.

After a series of underground releases; an Ep, a live recording and a single True Live are on the verge of releasing their Debut Album ‘The shape of it’ in April 2005, in the Hip Hop tradition of self production Ryan-John has used the vast expertise of his fellow bandmates and some of Melbournes Finest engineers; Lauchlen Carrick (Mixing), Francois(Mastering) Greg Oshea (Tracking), production facilities Metropolis (tracking) Sing Sing (mixing on the SSL K) and Moose (Mastering) and session Musicians (utilizing the MSO string section) to create what is set to be one of the freshhhhhhest releases for 2005.

For further Information Contact:
Dylan Liddy – 96999555 for booking information
Ryan Ritchie – 0433243262
Email – truelive@mail2hiphop.com


The Lost Minidisks
A live recording made in glorious stereo at barbukka from our improvising days. Contains the blueprints of singles, Bounce and Swing (?this)

Underground EP Release
Stenciled CDs produced in our wharehouse, containing TWL, Bounce, Truth of This, Sidesteppa and Evolution.

Bounce/Truth of This AA Side Single Release.
With additional live tracks from PBS’s week of musical distraction.

The Shape of It promotional EP
A limited production run of 6 tracks from the forthcoming album release, The Shape of It. Includes tracks Swing (?this), Mintons, Bounce, Evolution and Try Walk Left.

Mintons single coming soon.

Why Birthday Cards Are Still Relevant

Why Birthday Cards Are Still Relevant

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